TVDSB Candidate: David Cripps

1) What is the greatest strength of the TVDSB?

I believe the greatest strength lies in the people involved with the school board.  During my time as a parent, volunteer and member on various committees I have met a tremendous number of people who truly have the best interest of children at heart.  I believe that supporting these great people and sharing ideas and tactics will only make the school board better and enhance the opportunities for our children while attending elementary and secondary school in the TVDSB.

2) What is the greatest weakness or failure?

I feel one of the boards greatest asset is also one of the greatest area for improvement.  That is the sheer size of the board.  Many times over the years I have felt very lost and alone while advocating for my children or for projects that should (in my opinion) be second nature to the delivery of education.  My primary goal in running for trustee is to be available to parents and our community members to facilitate communication and as much as possible move strategies and execution of change forward faster.

3) Do you value french immersion or specialty programming? If so, do you have any solutions for protecting it?

I do value both French immersion and the diversity of specialty or unique programming within the TVDSB.  As a trustee my goal would be to advocate for these programs as part of the development of the next strategic planning cycle and work with our local communities in Oxford to create the necessary business cases and proofs to advocate to the ministry of education to fund and expand funding in support of those valued initiatives.

4) What is your experience (volunteer or paid) in the school community?

I have four sons (the youngest of who completed grade 13 at IDCI in June). So first and foremost I am a parent with many years of interaction.

I have also be the chair of school councils both at the elementary and secondary levels for over 10 years.  

I have both chaired and organized Home and School Associations at the elementary and secondary levels.

I have sat on the TVPIC representing Oxford for multiple terms.

Prior to COVID I also sat on the Rural Education Task force.

5) What do you think is your biggest asset in running for trustee?

My goal is to be an accessible and open trustee.  One of the gaps I experienced over my years of involvement is a lack of response at a number of levels including sometime from our Oxford trustee representatives.  I’m not always going to have the answers people are looking for, but I will always get back to them and listen to their concerns or opportunities.

6) How do you plan to cooperate with the rest of the board/advocate for Oxford County? What will make you more successful than our previous trustees?

I am collaborative, open and transparent by nature.  I have already been able to develop great relationships with a number of existing trustees and trustee candidates and will be fully invested in developing and enhancing my relationship with the other trustees to maximize our ability to collaborate and move forward with strategic goals of the board.  I feel that understanding and getting to know people on a personal level sets the foundation for developing these relationships!

7) Anything else you would like to add?

I’m happy to chat further anytime, I believe we have lots in common that we could discuss and compare notes on!

Thank-you for your interest and engagement!

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