Brady and Lisa

When choosing a realtor to sell our house it was important for us that we had someone who was determined, educated and looking ahead for us. Kelly Byers is a realtor who is all of this and more. We really appreciated how friendly, prepared and ambitious she is. She made it clear from start to finish that she cared about everything and everyone involved in this endeavor.

Kelly utilizes all recourses available to her. From social media, postcards, open houses, flyers, and connections she has with people in the community. She is an active member of various groups in Woodstock. Everything that Kelly is involved in is done with excellence. We found that this ambitious and determined attitude paid off in us selling our house so fast and efficiently.
Our house was on the market for approx. 3 weeks. With all the hard work she packed into those 3 weeks it still amazes me how painless it was overall. When showing our house she understood our family, we had 2 small children and a cat to pack up every time.

We had such a wonderful experience with Kelly in a time that can be very stressful. She made herself available to questions, concerns and was always a couple steps ahead. For us that meant so much that she goes above and beyond to give peace of mind and reassurance. Kelly is educated, friendly and so easy to talk with.

We will recommend Kelly to anyone we know who is looking for a great realtor to sell or buy a house. We know without a doubt Kelly was made for this career and she has a rewarding future in real estate.

Brady and Lisa