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Selling Services

The services offered by Kelly Byers are different for buyers and sellers and vary based on each home – after all, every home and client is unique!

  • Home staging

  • Professional photography, 3D tours and videography

  • REALTOR® and Public Open Houses

  • Internet Marketing including Instagram, Facebook and personalized websites

  • Professional Pre-Listing Cleaning

All of Kelly’s clients receive prompt, personal & confidential service tailored to the individual. Please contact Kelly directly to discuss marketing plans, listing services or how she can be of assistance to you.

Selling Checklist

1: Prep the paperwork: Buyers and agents are going to ask a lot of questions, so start digging out the paperwork now: utility bills, tax bills, renovation details, warranties, mortgage details, survey and rental contracts. I will take a copy of everything, file them electronically, and give them back to you.

 2: Change light bulbs and update light fixtures. It’s easy to forget about all the bulbs that have burned out over the years, but you want your home to be as bright as possible. Lighting makes an incredible difference to how a home looks to potential Buyers. If you have dated light fixtures (it’s OK, a lot of us do), take a quick trip to IKEA or Home Depot and pick up some modern ones.

3: Get some boxes and duct tape. You are moving! You will need boxes and you will need to start packing. Start with anything off-season that you will not need for the next 60-120 days. Let me know if you need help securing boxes. Staples has the BEST moving boxes, or if you know someone who works at VUTEQ, they do also.

4: Make an extra set of keys. Prospective Buyers and their agents will need to access your home, so you’ll need an extra set of keys. I am also happy to do this for you if you can give me an extra set now.

5: Tackle the bathrooms. Remove all the toiletries you have on display (nobody wants to know you use Head & Shoulders). If your toilet seat, shower curtain or bath matt are gross (be honest with yourself), replace them.  These are small things that people notice.

6: Get a pre-listing home inspection (for houses) or order the status certificate (for condos). It’s not fun to find out what’s wrong with your house or condo at the negotiating table, so arm yourself with the information before you list your home. You can either fix the problems before you list your home, or factor it into your asking price and expectations. (we pay for pre-listing inspections and status certificates where needed. ***If the home is less than 10 years old, we make a decision as to whether or not this is needed.***

7: The bedrooms. The bedrooms should be inviting, and that means more cleaning and decluttering and investing in a few props. Straighten the bookshelves. Remove personal photos, knick knacks and personal grooming products. Clean out the closets. If you’ve jammed in a dresser or armoire that doesn’t really fit into the space, consider storing it offsite. If you’ve converted two of your three bedrooms into offices, convert at least one of them back to a bedroom.

 8: Tackle the living room. Clean the sofa and chairs, consider getting an area rug to bring the room together if you don’t have one. Hide the magazine rack and all the clutter that has accumulated. Hide the wires from your TV/stereo/speakers. If you have pets in this area frequently, consider getting your upholstery cleaned (you can also do this as part of “carpet cleaning.”

9: Make your dining room look like a place someone might actually want to eat in. Remove the kids’ homework and the piles of stuff that have accumulated on the dining room table. Clean up the hutch. If your dining chairs have seen better days, consider renting new ones from a stager (let me know if you need help with this). If your table is really worn, get a new table cloth to hide an old table for showings only. If you don’t have a dining room – but have the space for one – we may set one up!

10: De-clutter, organize and clean the basement. If your basement is anything like ours, this is going to take more than one day. Whether your basement is finished or just a storage area for extra crap, you’ll need to invest the time to make it look as spacious and clean as possible. And what a great way to rid yourself of all that stuff you never use.

11: Tackle what you can’t see: closets and storage areas. Much as I’d love to say that you can cram all the stuff you don’t want on display into your closets, the truth of the matter is that Buyers will open your closets. They’ll look in your cupboards. And they’ll judge you. The last thing you want is for Buyers to think there isn’t enough storage in your home, so take the time to pack away what you don’t need in the immediate future.

12: Store vs. donate vs. throw away. It’s a pain (and expensive) to store all the stuff you don’t really need. Throw away or donate things you have not used in 1-2 years. Remember – you are moving!! Great chance to get rid of “stuff”

13: The entrance. Remember that most Buyers will have an emotional reaction to your home within 15 seconds of entering it, so what they experience at the entrance is CRITICAL. You want your entrance to be clean, de-cluttered and inviting. And no, you won’t really wear all your shoes and coats while your house or condo is for sale, so be disciplined and store things away.  If you don’t have a hall closet, don’t pile 15 coats on a coat rack – that’s just drawing attention to your lack of a closet.

14: Get rid of all the things that make your home yours. Ouch, I know it hurt to read that. You want your house or condo to appeal to as many Buyers as possible, and that will only happen if they can picture their own stuff in your house. Get rid of all the family photos, the collections and the souvenirs. Walk through every room in your house and pretend you’re a Buyer. If what you see helps people get to know you as you, remove it.

15: Paint touch-ups and re-painting A fresh coat of paint is one of the cheapest ways to freshen up your home. Bold colours are bound to be a turn-off to some Buyers, so to appeal to the most people possible take the time to re-paint that red bedroom and blue bathroom. (Tip: light colours will help small rooms look bigger). Don’t forget about baseboards and ceilings – they might need some paint too.

16: Make a list of all the little stuff that you’ve been avoiding repairing including the leaky faucet, the picture holes in the wall, etc. and get it done once and for all. If you aren’t handy yourself, bring in a handyman to take care of it (we know some good ones, we can help).

17: Get the windows cleaned. I know, you probably don’t even think about cleaning your windows, but rain, snow and construction can really make your windows dirty. If you don’t want to do this yourself, there is an excellent local window cleaner (Aaron Smith, $4 per outside window, half-price inside if booking outside also). (this is not possible in the winter)

18: The front yard Curb appeal matters and will significantly impact people’s first impression of your house. Stand on your street and take in your front yard: what do you see? At minimum, clean the scuff marks off the front door and touch-up the chipped paint or give it a fresh coat. And if your front door has seen better days, consider investing in a new one. If you have a front porch, make it look inviting (and not just a receptacle for more of your stuff). Invest in some seasonal plants. Clean up the garden. A lot of Buyers will see your home at night, so make sure that your outdoor lighting is showing off your home.

19: The backyard What you can accomplish in the back yard will of course depend on what time of year you sell. If you’re selling in the spring/summer: clean up the gardens, trim the trees, cut the grass, stain the deck and clean the patio furniture and BBQ. If it’s winter: do your best to make it look presentable.

20: Get the carpets cleaned. Unless your carpets are brand new, you’ll want to have them steam cleaned (or do it yourself). You’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes. Caress Cleaners in Woodstock is good, if you prefer to DIY, you can rent a carpet cleaner from Sobeys.

21: Don’t forget about the rest of the floors. You’ll need more than a Swiffer to get into all the corners and cracks. If your floors are scratched, there are some great products out there to make them look almost-brand-new.

22: The walls and doors. If your walls and doors are scuffed, buy some Magic Erasers and go to town. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. If your art needs an update, now’s the time to do it too.

23: Make plans for the kids and the kids stuff. No Buyer wants to look at all your kids’ toys, finger painting works of art or dirty diapers, so put it all away and make a plan to keep it concealed.

24: Make your house smell good. If you’re a dog owner, wash any couches, beds and surfaces where the dogs sleep. You may not smell him anymore, but Buyers will. Tuck the litter box away (and clean it twice a day while your home is on the market). Consider lighting some candles (but avoid strong air fresheners, febreeze, any scents, etc).

25: THE KITCHEN. The kitchen is one of the rooms Buyers are most attracted to so if you’re looking to skip a room, this shouldn’t be it. Remove your blender/George Foreman Grill/Kitchen Aid mixer/toaster/bread machine from the counters – you want the counters to be as clear as possible. Clean inside all the cupboards (and yes, I mean remove everything and wipe them out). Don’t cram all your dishes and food back in – again, you want to convey to Buyers that your kitchen has enough storage for the Buyer’s stuff. Clean inside the fridge (and remove the magnets, photos and reminders). Turn on your self-cleaning oven (probably for the first time). Store your booze collection (and take out the empties).

26: The garage/outbuildings:

Don’t let the garage be the catch-all for clutter, make sure you can park vehicles inside + that everything is reasonably organized. Store bikes or anything off-season.


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