City Council Candidate: Kate Leatherbarrow


1) What do you think our City has successfully done the past 5 years?
– I am thrilled with our recreational trails in Woodstock! My family and I use them regularly! 10/10

2) What do you think is our biggest challenge in the next 5?
– I believe our biggest challenge will be the continued growth and ensuring our services match the needs of our population. Housing and lack of supply is a large concern that I am hearing at the door. If elected, it is my belief we can strengthen our relationships with surrounding communities and work collaboratively to share models and information for smart growth and better solutions.

3) What are your biggest strengths as a candidate?
– I am passionately dedicated to our community! I do not shy away from difficult situations and some have said I can be overly communicative! Communication is so important to me and it ensures that everyone is on the same page, and it can prevent confusion and conflict if made a priority.

4) What will make you more successful than others at addressing the issues our downtown faces?
– I own a business downtown that is located on Dundas St (Early Bird Coffee) and I am a big supporter of all things local. I believe one asset of mine will be having strong relationships with businesses and services in our core, as well as a list of improvements that we could explore. Ex: more events hosted downtown, updating building standard bylaws, updating garbage disposal, discussing access to a public washroom etc. That being said, the next term of council needs to be working towards the same goals, as a team! 

5) What would your 3 biggest priorities be as a councillor?
Hard to narrow it down to three!
Community engagement: improving the relationship between city hall and residents. Downtown: immediate attention and support. Updating our voting methods: ensuring accessibility for municipal elections and encouraging future candidates to participate.

6) How important is affordable housing to you as a candidate and what do you believe the role of a City Councillor is at addressing it? Any concrete ideas?
– Incredibly important, we need to ensure we are building homes that our neighbours and children can afford. I would hope and expect this to be a priority for all candidates. Vacant or underdeveloped land used for different types of housing and working to locate additional funding from higher tiers of government to support these projects. Municipal councils approve zoning, building structures, the sale of the land and what it is to be used for, climate action aligning with development plans, and it is my belief city councilors can be advocating more for the needs of our community. 

7) Do you see a role for collaboration between municipal council and school board trustees? If yes, in what capacity?If no, why not?

– Yes, happy to strengthen this relationship. I have much to learn about the school board trustees role. I think it is important to elect a council that has a family or an understanding of what is impacting our education system and an ear to the school. During this election or future elections, debates should be inviting school board trustees to participate.

8) Anything else you would like to tell me/my followers about you?
– This is my second time running for municipal council and I am hopeful to be trusted with the great responsibility of serving our community, I also hope everyone gets out to vote on Monday, October 24th, 2022! Thank you!